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Q: I am in the process of building a 40 by 40 shop. The shop has framed walls made of 2x6 boards. I am interested in the Schweiss hydraulic doors that are not bi-fold. Our door opening is approximately 20 by 14. I have my side and rear walls constructed and in place, however I have yet to frame the front of the building. I was wondering if a wood structure like this can handle a door of that size. I am also wondering what kind of framing we should do in order to handle this type of door? What would a door like this cost (including the insulation options)? Also, what kind of freight charges would there be? Thank you so much.


Q: Would like a price on 24 foot 2 piece bifolding Schweiss vertical lift shop door thinking of building a machine shop this coming fall. thanks


Q: I'm building a pole barn and I'm considering a Schweiss STRAPLIFT bi-fold door for one or both of my shop doors. We're considering 24 and 32 wide doors that are 15 feet tall. The 32 foot door is in the end wall, and the 24 foot door is in the side wall. We are building this winter or next spring. Could you send me a quote?


Q: I want a quote on a Schweiss door and the rough opening for a liftstrap bifold hanger door. I want a clear opening 42 ft wide 12ft high I am having a height in the shop 12 ft 4 in I am using room in attic trusses It has a Concrete floor and wood construction Thank you for the time please contact me for any more info. I am in the process of building now. Travis M


Q: Looking for a quote on a Schweiss by fold door with straps for my shop. It has 16' walls. Looking for 15-16' high by 30-40 foot wide.


Q: Don't know what "end wall" or "side wall" means. Guessed at "end wall". Door will need to have a free-standing header as the wood shop door is very old and not structurally capable of supporting a new Schweiss hydraulic door.


Q: Building a new steel shop by end of year. Looking at a Schweiss bifold strap doors. Need quote for 10ft wide by 7-8 ft tall bi fold door, with highest insulation, door seals top bottom, middle, sides, etc... No glass, white vinyl panel exterior. It should be small enough I can open/close by hand correct? Just in case, quote me an electrical opening system.


Q: Please quote price and delivery for a bi-fold door with opening of 39' x 10' high. The shop is pre-engineered steel building.