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63: Crane Door


Q: Looking for a 40ft by 18ft crane door. Not sure if I should be ordering a Schweiss bifold with straps or a Red Power hydraulic door. What style are most of your crane doors made in? I'm not real particular, but want the best Schweiss Door for the job. I like the spherical bearings, that was a great Schweiss Door improvement. But I also like the straps, cables are no good. Give me a call so we can discuss details.  Mike


Q: I'm building a maintanence shop which has a bridge crane that runs from outside to inside. I'm interested in a good weather sealing mechanical hydraulic or bifold sturdy Schweiss steel door that will be able to close the lower portion of the building's opening from the elements. Lower opening is 20'x20'. Call me please.


Q: Would you please send me a price quote for a Schweiss bifold liftstrap crane door. I need it to be 20' Wide and 13' High I would also like an electric opener Thank you so much for your time in this matter. Do you have any companies near us?


Q: I need a quote for a 40' wide x 20' CLEAR bi-fold crane door. I need this door installed and it will be mounted on a wood structure. Straps and autolatches not cables.


Q: I am looking at purchasing a 42 foot by 22 foot Schweiss bi-fold crane door and would like a quote for your best insulated with one of your best insulated windows in the door. I live in Canada, just across from the U.S. border so would like the quote to include shipping to Seattle for shipping on a barge. also what would the extra cost be for a backup and door lighting system. Also can the door be mounted to an existing wood building or do you have to have your metal header system? Thanks, 


Q: Need specifications for a Schweiss BI-FOLD crane door with Auto-Latches and Lift Straps. The technical data is attached below. This is to be a steel door with a remote opener. Can Schweiss do the installation and how soon?