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64: Vertical Lift


Q: Have an pole bldg 50 ft wide that has sliding doors and would like to replace them with a vertical lift door.  I would like the Schweiss strap option and price insulation.


Q: Need door quote for a Schweiss Vertical Lifting door. The opening is 40' x 16' on a wood barn. add lift straps and auto-latches to the quote and it needs to be wind loaded to 70 MPH.  Thanks


Q: Interested in a vertical Schweiss lift door that would provide 45' clear height and 40' clear width. Quote the fast lift straps and 6 windows 2 rows.


Q: Need price on a vertical lift Schweiss strap door 12' high x 35' long with one horizonal split. Motorized and a list of safety features with prices. If we can come together in this we'll order. We are a Church with a budget so any direction in this area let us know. Can we install and clad this door ourselves? That might be a good start on savings. Thank You Anthony


Q: Considering a Schweiss vertical lift insulated residential garage doors. How do costs compare with traditional overhead doors? Do you have a distributor in Canada? Do you ship to Canada? Do you have a reidential product line? Regards,


Q: I am looking for a quote for a quonset bifold Schweiss door, the kind that uses straps for verticle opening. The opening is 20 ft w x 14 ft h. thank you. The building is all metal construction.