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67: Post Frame


Q: I'm looking for pricing on a 48' wide 16' tall for a post frame building with steel roof & siding. I'm looking at the Bi-Fold type with lift straps. This building will be used for farm equipment.If there is a standard width close to 48'(example 42 to 54)that helps keep the price down I would change door size to help with cost.But am wanting to use 48'. This building will be 72'wide X 120'long and has not been started yet.This building will also have a 48"concrete stub wall.


Q: Hi, We are a small construction company in the "pole frame" business in the North of Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada, installing on average 3 (mainly agricultural buildings approx. 42-60ft x 60-200ft.,16-22ft. high) per week, with a mix of "large doors" up to say 30ft. rollups, 40 ft. bifolds and some sliding doors, almost all installed by a local very competent subcontractor. The bifolds, although relatively few, have a long lead time of maybe 4-6 months, and at present we have one supplier in Manitoba, Canada. A catalogue would be of some help, but vital information for us would be some idea of anticipated lead time, details of framing requirements, and of course delivered costs to Edmonton, Alberta, for, say a 40x20 bifold and a 26x20.


Q: I am interested in putting a new Schweiss bifold strap door in a old wood pole type building that we use as a shop it has sliding doors in it now. I think it will need a free standing header to make it work. The RO is 20.5 feet wide and 13 feet high there is about 4 feet above the door to the roof line on the outside edges. It would have to be fully insulated. Please send me any info and some idea of pricing if you can.