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69: Hangar Home


Q: Hello, We are rebuilding our house and attached hangar which was destroyed in a house fire this past Sept. I would like to receive information on the cost and installation details and specs of a 12'x42' electrically operated Bi Fold straplift hangar door please. Our architect is in the design phase of the hangar and it would be a great advantage to be able to incorporate the hangar door details into his plans and drawings at this time. The new construction will be of wood with brick facing and we intend to use steel for door support. Thank you


Q: I have a client looking for a bifold straplift door for his new Hanger Home. Would like something to fit in a opening of 44'x13'3" Can Schweiss give us a price delivered? Do you install? If so can you give me an option to have you install it verses us installing the door? This will be a pole type structure with steel sides and a shingle roof. Do I need any special framing for a header over the opening or side jambe areas to support the door? How much head room do I need above the door opening? Thank you.


Q: I am Looking for a Schweiss liftstrap bifold door with an opening size of 25 wide by 14 foot tall to go on a hangar home. I can go 2.5 feet higher so I get a full lift of 14 foot for bottom of door. If you could give me some ideas please. I have installed 6 of your doors and am very impressed by the quality and low maintenance on them. I would like Self closers for wind and seals all around. I am looking for the cheapest solution to my problem here. Thank you David


Q: I am building a new hanger home on the lake and will need an 11X42 ft Schweiss BiFold door this fall. Unfortunatly I do not have my structural design yet and its very complex as I'm putting a two story home on top of my hanger so there are some important sizing up requirements that the structural engineer is working on right now, one of these being the steel beam header over the hanger door. The goal was for a 12 ft ceiling height but its looking like the header will need to be taller to carry the load so I will need to advise you as to the final door height decision. Could you please price out a BiFold, lift strap door, delivered to Alaska with those requirements? Thank you for your attention to this matter, Cheers Stan