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73: Green Doors


Q: I need a price quote for a Bifold door 30' wide x 15' high to be installed in a farm biomass green movement operation....building is a metal building....location is near Fredericksburg Va....I need price for auto-latches and installation requirements such as frame required to support the door.  Thanks 


Q: I am looking at installing a bi fold green door. I would like to get a price for a 20' wide 14' high door compared to a 25' wide 14' high door. Also I am wondering the wieght of the doors as it will affect the design of my trusses. Further, are the bifold doors insulated, I would like to keep this building heated. Finally, what are the price comparisons between the different styles of doors and which can help conserve heat better? Thank you for your help.


Q: Looking to quote a 12 ft x 60 ft wide bifold green  door. This Schweiss door is going on a pre-engineered  building.  


Q: We are building a greenhouse on our property. We are having plans drawn now and are planning on a 13'x40' Schweiss door. The wall height is 16'. Please contact me with a quote on a cable and strap  operated bifold door and the finish opening size you recommend.


Q: I have a steel structure with a 13'6" h 16' w opening. I would like a quote on a bifold with strap and auto-latches. I'm very much into the Green Movement, what kind of doors do you have along that line. Also do they seal well?