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74: Concrete Buildings


Q: Expecting to build a 40'X60' concrete building in this summer with 12' celling. I want to install 40' Bi-fold strap door in the 60' end which will be the gabled end. Building will be used to store farm equip and possibly an airplane. Need specs and dementions of what size the door opening will need to be. I also need the price of door and the difference between strap lift and cable lift door prices. I am familiar with the installation of the 40' cable lift because I installed one of you Schweiss doors on my hanger about 11 Years ago, which is still working smooth as butter. Thanks 


Q: I have an open air steel framed building with concrete block walls on three sides that is used as a pavilion...approximately 20,000 sq.ft. in size. In order to use it year round, am exploring closing in the last side (so we can A/C the building) but want to have the ability to open it up on various occasions. I think your Schweiss liftstrap bifold door would be the best bet for this. The door will have to be windrated to Florida standards This side is 200 feet long. Do you have any contractors/installers you have worked with located in Florida? If so, I am located about 70 miles north of both Tampa & Orlando. Thanks.