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76: Free Standing Header


Q: I want to convert a 40'x70' pole barn to a aircraft hanger. Intend to put a 40' Schweiss bifold strap door on one end, high enough to also be able to fit a motorhome through it. Guessing at least 14' high. Probably would want to incorporate your freestanding door truss. Open to any ideas, looking for a good but inexpensive solution. Thank you, 


Q: I need to replace a 18 x 13 foot slider in the end of my wood farm shop building. I would like estamate on a Schweiss bifold door strap door with a free standing header. thanks


Q: Hello, Im interested in a Schweiss Bi- fold doors and am thinking about installing some on a barn we have out in the country. My question is what size header do I need to operate the Bi- fold strap system normally? What is the thinnest support system one can essentially use? can you please tell me the price of a free standing header.


Q: I need the weight of a 40' wide 14' tall Schweiss bifold strap door to replace existing sliding barn door. Please price a free standing header just in case.


Q: Would you quote me this Schweiss Bi-Fold with strap and autolatches as "free standing"??


Q: We have a customer that wants a Schweiss strap lift bifold door in the end wall of a 50'X 100' X 26" Building. Do we need a free standing header or to get special framing quoted on the metal building?Also we want the door 40' wide and how tall can we put in a 26' high Metal Building.


Q: Please quote the following Schweiss door free-standing header system that I'm going to need on my two wood building bifold strap doors. You may e-mail me the quote Thank-you Mitch Jr.


Q: 4 - Side Wall 1 - End Wall Building is: 70' x 150' x 55' 1:12 Gable Slope Bi-Fold Door Bays will be 35' Ctr - ctr Minimum Tube Column Will be Used at Header. Wondering if I'll need a freestanding header. Bid Date next week. Thanks


Q: Need a door price for a verticle lift Schweiss bifolding door with straps and an remote opener. My structure is wood and may need a free standing header.