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79: Hurricane Doors


Q: I live at Tailwinds Airpark, Jupiter, The door runs flawlessly but after the last hurricane it's not as tight as I like it. I'm located the limits switches on my bi-fold door. Need to adjust door, so that it closes tighter against the frame. Please advise on how to adjust. Thanks 


Q: I own a T hanger in Westhampton, NY that was built in the 90s. It was damaged a bit during the last hurricane. Do you have Schweiss Door records of a sale? If so, I wanted to compare notes to identify the correct parts I might need for repairs. The hangar is one of 10 T Hangars attached to a large box hangar. The T Hangar doors are about 44' wide x 16' high.


Q: Dear Sirs, I am looking for a Schweiss bifold (or even single piece possible?) hurricane door, where each of the two panels consists of a single glass pane (without any smaller divisions). The dimensions of the opening are height: 9 feet and 9 inches width: 25 feet and 9 inches. These need to confirm to Florida Hurricane windratings.  Thank you and kind regards, Gary Reddman


Q: Hurricanes folded back existing 16 x 58 Schweiss bi-fold from early 1990's. At that time, new door installed on 1950's hangar renovation. Door now destroyed along with hangar. Absolutely love the product you build and wouldn't go anywhere else. When I replace with your windrated door, price one with embedded access door for people & tugs.