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82: Boat Houses


Q: I have a existing boat house with old rotten wooden  doors 14x11 high (aprox) I'd like to convert to bi-fold or hydraulic Schweiss Door. I want to keep my height. What is my best choice and price? I saw the video on your web site on the Lake Vermilion boathouse door. Really cool, kinda what I want with a remote control.  


Q: Could you please give me a price on a boathouse bifold and hydraulic Schweiss Door? Haven't built the boathouse yet, it will be concrete and wood, but door will probably be 10 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall. Thank You!


Q: Boathouse building door will be 18' wide and will need the door to be as wide as possible for an boat that is about 10' wide. I want the extra width on the boathouse to enable me to walk around the boat when I'm inside. Would like the door opening to be 9' tall for the aluminum frame Schweiss bifold strap door.


Q: I need a quote on a 26' x 14' bi-fold strap door to go on my new boat house. Vinyl sided skin, insulated, with an electric motor and auto-latches.


Q: Looking for pricing for 18 feet wide x 8 feet tall Schweiss Bifold boathouse door assembly. In the quote I also need the fast lift straps and remote opener with two handhelds. Surface finish would be primed steel panel substrate for field applied T&G wood by others.


Q: Is a Schweiss bi fold garage door available that opens to the inside rather than the outside? I am looking for a custom wood finished bi fold liftstrap  door for a small boat house on a lake. the size is approximately 11' wide x 7' high.