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87: Speciality Doors


Q: I have three metal framed openings in a metal aircraft hangar, 10'-0 x 10'-0. Would like to investigate Schweiss glass panel bifolds with liftstraps. I prefer inward opening. These openings are up on the mezzanine level of the hangar and will provide a convertible enclosure for a large inset patio.


Q: I need info on glass gate doors for a private school multi-purpose room. The Schweiss moving gate which you featured on your website for a dog resort is just what we need. Very unique Schweiss gate.


Q: I wanted to know if the Schweiss bi-fold doors have be installed in NYC where the door is at the property line. When the door is open the folded up part will overhang the sidewalk. I'm not sure if we are able to use your product since when it's in the open position it will be over hanging where people walk. Do you have a door that folds inward?


Q: I am looking for pricing on (2) 8x8 glass aluminum Schweiss bi fold doors with the motor at the bottom of the door. There is no headroom inside the garage. The customer is looking for a frosted glass. Can I please get a price and lead time. Thank you. Gary


Q: I am currently designing a hangar for a Cessna 182 on floats Q. I will be quoting a new lakeside home with the hangar. I need some ideas for size and best door application for a covered docking hangar on the lake. Something very similar to a boathouse, only in my case to house a plane when the weather is not so good. I have seen lots of your bifold strap doors and it seems like the way to go. I anticipate the hangar will be approx. 40' x 40'. Side wall heights will be determined by door requirements. Hangar structure will be metal building. Regards, Travis


Q: I have a residential project, that has shipping containers for a garage. I want to use the cut out portions of two stacked containers for a garage door and include your Schweiss bifold door with straps. The door opening is approx. 18' wide and the two panels are approx. 9' tall.


Q: Looking to have an bifold gate installed at loading dock. Similar to the gate pictured on your "The Paw" story, but with no see-through upper half. Make the quote to include windows.


Q: I need a quote for a glass bifold strap door for a park shelter. need 80'w by 26'h clearance. Thanks. In the quote could you please include a price for a remote control.


Q: Looking for price of a Schweiss vertical moving gate door using patented liftstraps. We are putting doors in a school gymnasium to divide the gym in half. We'd like a gate very similar to the one with a clear polycarbonate top like you did for The Paw shown on your website. Will the poly hold up to balls bouncing off it, or will we need something stronger like glass.


Q: We are a design/build firm and the project is a school where we are looking to install 3 verticle lift Schweiss liftstrap moving gate units 10-0 W x 11-0 H (9-0 clear) The doors will be covered with insulated metal panel 2-9 high; insulated glass 2-9 high - reversed upper panel.


Q: Interested in using three Schweiss Moving Gate  overhead liftstrap doors in a commercial space as a conference room divider. Please have someone contact me who can answer questions about clearances, motor location and operation.