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89: Runway Living


Q: I am working with a customer in the Centralia, IL. area and I need to price a 35' wide x 14' or 15' high runway living bi-fold strap door. The door would include 1'' thermax insulation board and remote opener. Thanks


Q: We had a 35 ft bi-fold runway living door put up this summer on an un-insulated building. When it is closed, there is still a big gap along the sides. Two questions. Do you offer a seal and insulation kit for the door, we are going to have a large snow drift inside. Also, if I adjust the locking strap to try and pull the door tighter against the building, can I get it too tight.   Let me know what I can do.


Q: OK, I'm getting ready to build my SEAPLANE HANGAR. QUEST KODIAK on amphibs-45' wingspan & 18.5 feet high@tail C-206 on amphibs--39'wingspan & 13 feet high@tail Since you are a HANGAR EXPERT, what is the minimum size hangar that I need (i.e. put C-206 in back corner) I am estimating a 55' x 55' with a 19 or 20 ft high door. WHAT DO YOU THINK? ? ? WE RESIDE IN A RUNWAY LIVING COMMUNITY .