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95: Electrical


Q: Please provide your quote for the Bi-fold door delivered to Houston, Texas. Pricing is also needed for Strap latches lift straps. I do have several questions regarding electrical that I'd prefer to talk to you about on the phone. Please call. Thank you


Q: You installed a Schweiss bi-fold door on my shed many years ago. If power to the shed were interrupted, what would it take for a generator to open the door? I have two 2000 watt Honda generators and I'm wondering if they are connected in parallel, if that would be enough to open the door. I'm not sure if there would be a surge of electricity initially that would be greater that 4000 watts. Also, when I tried pulling the plug at the end of the fuse disconnect box, it didn't come out of the electrical socket. Is it possible that it's screwed into the socket or is it just really really tight?


Q: Need a price and delivery for a complete Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door system, windows along the whole door and with a walk through door. 65' x 18' c/w 575 v. operator. Please & Thank You!