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96: Manual Door


Q: I have a 50' Schweiss bifold door with a 14' opening. Please provide prices and availability of: 1) Hand crank.  Thank you.


Q: I have your Schweiss bi-fold door and it is installed. The electricity is out (for quite a while) and I am out of town from the building but I have a friend who lives nearby. Is there a way to manually shut the door? Thx, 


Q: Can your doors be made to close with out hydralics/electrics? ie cables and pulleys. A manual door? I'll probably regret it later, but I'm short on cash right now. Can you spell D-I-V-O-R-C-E


Q: Beginning design stage of Ag shop 70' X 45' wood frame. Looking at a bifold with lift straps between 30 - 40 feet wide if you could quote the 30 and 40 that would help. Also the difference in pricing for an insulated vs non insulated. I suppose this door would be too heavy to be manually opened?


Q: I have a Schweiss bifold door on my hanger. Do you offer a manual drive adapter for the motor where the shaft with a keyway extends from the top of the motor?