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97: Walk Doors


Q: I am interested in finding out if you will sell and ship the walk doors and Schweiss bifold strap door mechanism independently of the door/frame.


Q: I have read through much of your Schweiss web site  information and am interested in looking into a bifold strap door with a man door. I haven't had a door on this bulding for years and the old doors were sliders. I don't care to mess around with being hassled with unnecessary sales tactics but will certainly take questions on actual information needed for a acurate door quote. Feel free to telephone me or e-mail is actually easiest.


Q: I need a door for a t-hanger. Can you put a predestrian door in the aircraft t-hanger door?


Q: I have recieved a quote, but find I must modify a few things. We need the bifold door insulated, with liner and with two man doors in each hangar door, man doors to have keyed entry, the set of two man doors/hangar door shall be keyed alike, man doors shall have a window in it