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99: Door Parts


Q: Hi, I currently have a 40' Schweiss bi-fold strap  door on my hangar. I am interested in getting an automatic door opener for it so I don't have to stand and hold the open/close button. I would also like a door opener to go in my car and another inside my plane. What options are there? Do you have remote openers that have better range than others, I want the long range, and the prices? Thanks.


Q: I'm interested in buying top rubber seal material from you and talk to you about the J channel, Z channel for my Brand Z bifold door. How long are they? Can they be shipped other than by freight? Thanks


Q: Hi, I have a bifold door that I need to replace the bottom rubber seal on, but it's not a Schweiss door. I was wondering if you would sell me the rubber boot and foam cushion for Seal Option B2. My door is made of 2" tubing and there is about 3" of space from the bottom of the door to the cement, could be 3 1/2" in some places. So I am wondering how big the foam cushion is in Seal Option B2? I also have tin and double angle on the outside of my door which is even with the bottom of the door so the rubber would have to be screwed on behind the double angle and tin. So I am wondering how thick the rubber is, can it go behind the tin and double angle? The rubber currently on the door is 12" wide. My door is 24' wide so I would need the rubber and foam cushion that is a little longer then that I suppose about 24' 3". How much would it you sell me Seal Option B2 for that is at least 24' 3" and how much would the shipping be? Thank You.


Q: I have a 25 foot Bi-Fold door from another company. The top rubber and the bottom are both deteriorated with holes. I need to get replacement for both. Can you contact me with a price and let me know if you can supply the rubber seals for me?


Q: I recently installed one of your Schweiss bi fold doors with straps and auto latches on my new hangar and it went very smoothly. I'm loving your door and show it to all my friends. I am looking for an automatic opener and possibly a remote so I don't have to hold the button the entire time. Can you please let me know what is available in a long range remote opener. Thanks


Q: Can you please advise if you can supply rubber gaskets only for Bifold Doors? They were fitted by a builder 14 years ago during a major refurbishment of our house and I'm unable to contact him to check where he purchased the doors from? I have the old gasket strip which I could send to you if that helps? I hope you can assist. This is a cable lift style  door. Someone told me my door could be converted to a Schweiss liftstrap system, tell me about that too. Many thanks Kind regards Paula


Q: I am a tenant in a hangar door complex. I am looking to add a "remote" for my airpark hangar. It already has a remote opener, I just need a couple of handhelds. Can you put a couple in the mail. This is for a bifold Schweiss strap door. Have any ideas of products that will work?