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Schweiss Patented Lift Strap Bifold Doors

Schweiss Glass Power Operated Lift Strap Bifold Door.

Schweiss Lift Strap Bi-Fold Doors give you a lot more

The Schweiss Lift Strap Bi-Fold door has been around for many years, its unique design has made Schweiss Doors the leader in the door industry. Schweiss Doors incorporates an Auto Latch door system and many built-in features that make it stand out in a class of its own. Gone are the days of slow speed cable doors because strap doors safely start out slow and pick up speed as the door opens. A Schweiss Power Operated Lift Strap Bi-Fold door is an excellent choice for any style of building.

Patented Lift Straps make doors open safe and evenly

No matter what size door, big or small, Schweiss patented 29,000 lb. rated heavy-duty lift straps are evenly located throughout the entire doorframe to provide quiet and effortless lift. Lift Straps are perfect for bigger doors where it is crucial that the door needs to open and close safe and weathertight. Schweiss Bifold lift straps outlast any cable door on the market. Strap conversion kits are available from Schweiss Doors to retrofit outdated cable brand bifold doors, no matter the make or model.

With Lift Straps there is no need for pulleys

With Bifold Lift Straps there is no need to have pulleys or counterweights on a door. There are fewer parts which in the long run mean less maintenance and added life for the door. Schweiss Bifold Doors are in demand for agricultural use, hangars, commercial, industrial, riding arenas and for designer door purposes to mention a few.

“New” Automatic Latches

Schweiss Bifold Autolatches pull your door in tight and secure against your building. They provide a weathertight seal around the entire door opening and are highly superior to the old cable design. With auto latches there are no levers to undo which saves you time from walking to either end of the doorway. All you have to do is push the control button or use your remote opener.

The Two-Piece Bi-Fold Doorframe

Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors have two sections, a bottom and top half that provide design advantages. A two-piece door hangs out half the distance of other doors putting less stress on your building. The Bi-Fold Wedge: When your Bi-Fold door opens, the doorframe folds into a wedge shape which acts as a huge truss supporting each of the Bi-Fold door sections. The larger the wedge the less stress it puts onto your building frame. The wedge shape reduces the loads a big door can create by one half. When open, a bifold door folds in half forming a canopy providing shade on the outside of the building. There are no obstructions protruding back into the building like a roll up door.

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