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Schweiss Power Operated Hydraulic Doors

Agricultural farm shop with a hydraulic door

Schweiss Agriculture Hydraulic Doors create a big door opening for all your
farming equipment.

Power Operated Hydraulic Doors Have Three Backup Systems

In the event of a power outage there will be no loss of security to your power operated door or building with a Schweiss Power Operated backup system. Tractor fittings come standard on each Red Power Operated Unit. Using tractor hydraulics you can raise and lower your hydraulic door. Other options include a DC Battery-Motorized backup; a drill-driven backup using a 7/16 hex head attached to a socket. Red Power emergency door lowering is as simple as turning a screw on the compact pump. No mess, oil drains back into the tank, and best of all, your large moving door closes at a controlled, safe speed.

External Truss

Schweiss hydraulic doors are pre-built with a special bottom truss that provides added strength and rigidity, very important in high-wind conditions. Big doors especially benefit from this added support. Webbed external truss provides extra strength and less stress on your door. If you desire an internal truss, it is available at no extra cost. Extra metal in the right places eliminates any bowing or sagging when the door is open or closed.

Powerful Hydraulic Power Unit

The self-contained Red Power operated pump has a quality Leeson electric motor with a 7-year warranty. It's is all in one unit and can be mounted in many locations. Schweiss Red Power Operated units deliver a powerful, secure and simple solution to raise and lower your doors. Each door consists of only three major components: the door (pre hung with frame), two hydraulic rams and a power operated hydraulic pump.

Schweiss Power Operated Red Power Pump

The number one red power operated pump system is only avaliable from Schweiss Doors.

One Set Of Door Hinges

Schweiss Power Operated Hydraulic doors are designed with one set of heavy-duty hinges that carry the entire weight of the door frame. The one-piece door frame is manufactured with 4x2 tubing and pre-mounted hinges for easy installation; a unique, but simple Schweiss design feature.

Special Features

Custom-built Schweiss Power Operated Hydraulic Doors come pre-assembled, pre-welded and delivered pre-hung within its frame for ease of installation, which gives the buyer/builder tremendous flexibility. All doors are custom made to fit any type building. That saves time and money.


Schweiss Power Operated Hydraulic Doors offer options such as: Walk-thru door, remote control, insulated windows, choice of colors, outer skin to match other buildings, etc. Weather seal kits protect the door from all weather conditions on all four sides. Three mounting styles to pick from - flush mount, outside mount or direct mount. Windloaded doors meet all standard local codes. Engineer stamps are available and approved in all 50 states. Every Schweiss door is prepared for painting. Upon request, Schweiss Doors can factory paint your door.

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